writing samples



Charismatic director Mary Ann ‘Buzz’ Goodbody was one of only five women directing in the U.K. in the 1970’s. In 1975, she famously directed Ben Kingsley in the title role of HAMLET in a theatre converted from a tin shack; the HAMLET of their generation.

Four days after the first performance, she was gone.


The wonder

You live across from the Twin Towers. It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning. Someone asks for help. THE WONDER follows a New Yorker through the city on a seemingly ordinary day. The ordinary people we meet, the ordinary things we see, on an extraordinary day in a time marked forever. It’s September 11, 2001. This is a true story about a neighborhood and its people as experienced by the playwright and her diabetic cat. A clear-eyed telling of survival; of discovery and, thankfully, humor.

A true story recorded for the archives of the 9/11 Museum, this is the playwright’s memory of the day.


The Fall

After a tragic loss, Holly, an anti-social and irascible sci-fi novelist, refuses to walk beyond a two-block radius of her apartment. All she needs is her laptop, her eighth cup of coffee, Chinese take-out and a new pair of glasses to replace the ones she just sat on. She doesn’t have time for the ridiculously good-looking Scottish guy who keeps showing up on her doorstep. THE FALL, a romantic comedy about love, expectation and better vision.



With Sinatra’s MY WAY playing on an endless loop, Billie stands at her father’s wake waiting to leave and grab a burger, but a box full of letters from the prisoner her father loved keeps her rooted to the spot. A dark comedy about grief, family secrets, friendship and forgiveness.


The machine

Year after year, The Machine strips a neighborhood of its young men until a blind man returning from battle leads his shattered family from darkness into light.



In 1921, Englishwoman, adventurer, archeologist and political officer Gertrude Bell joined thirty-nine British officers in Cairo to draw the map that is now Iraq. Shifting alliances and betrayals form the bedrock of this story (told in English, Arabic and Kurdish) about an Em-pire’s attempt to create boundaries in a country not their own embodied by the tenuous friend-ship between two women, Bell and her Kurdish hostess Basilah. Inspired by a fraction of Bell’s life in Mesopotamia, an imagined trip to Cairo with TE Lawrence and the ghostly mutterings of a WWI veteran, this is a story about arrogance, boundaries, friendship. And power.


tHE chosen

The day after she buries her husband, Fran looks around her living room. Stacks of bills and paperwork litter the floor.  Empty boxes.  The phone never stops ringing.  Creditors.  Old friends.  The bank.  But the strongest relationship she has is the one with her message machine.


silver kitchen

The traveling salesman drops his briefcase and stands in front of the open window. His wife is at the stove wiping her fingers on her nightdress. The way Billie remembers it, her parents never left the kitchen and it never stopped snowing. Something happened a long time ago that she just can’t put her finger on. Maybe her dead father can help. A comedy about memory. (The first in three plays featured in THE SILVER KITCHEN TRILOGY).